Selected Works

Cecilia E. Gossen
Artist Statement

I view art as a medium of expression, a communication between maker and viewer, the sensuous presentation of ideas. I like the definition of art as ‘making special’ that implies taking care and doing one’s best to produce objects that are accessible, striking, resonant, and satisfying to those who take time to appreciate them. My work comments on our common experiences and those events and emotions that surround ordinary lives; it represents ideas by expressing visual thoughts about them; it answers the question of what to feel.

I typically work in series. In each series, pieces relate to each other in medium and subject matter. This allows me to investigate the infinite variations possible with particular materials and/or ideas. Among the series I have created, the most numerous are the House series (95+ to date), Icons (30+), Stations of the Cross (14), To Die For (35 to date), and the newest Mona series.

I approach art seriously, but with a sense of humour. Smile away, I smile along with you.